-Uncertainty That Obsess-

Talking quiet trapped within self
teasing her of you
you got beloved then you die 
hands are hidden live is short
who will repent after you?
I stride down in sins of desire
the deadliest sin I’m going through

Into the night with thin chaos compare
blue eyes with shine
envy the fate the misery beast
why do we always try to get those
those who move away from us?

Shallow compassion over being
Faking the exist
it goes from you to head it cracks
concern I left with instincts so free
bearing the venture of lifetime I know
foreplay to the abyss of my bed
cries were sunk silenced to go

On that way my life resolve trips
is it the ignorance or something else?

Ascend the high my way of pleasure
mirror from above
sometimes we’re mean but it’s so good
i have to confront all my chimeras
baiting them they are going to fail
I’m glad to feel complete enjoyment
from uncertainty does not obsess

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