-Theurgy Terminus-

Under the strange signs it’s dawned this way
coy procreation my vicious gale
and mute recessional fetters fall off easy
regality waits me my empyrean kingship

Everything that lives it’s fall to leans
changing the time marks the way
blazonry obsession the darkness seizes hellish
terminus occurred I’m unearthly perished

It’s a question I avoided
casting between the states
foul living of waste

There where devil sleeps
fear your speaks

Where is the secret of world in a world of secrets
in the wasteland the chimes above petrefied
toward to see the obvious fulfillment
mortuari te salutant my eerie interment

In deathly anguish when prayer mild dies
i have to conciliate diety and archfiend
gossamer in lines of pentacle embraced
there is no theurgy my face effaced

Orbicular magnificence that grant me dismay
i’m hermit I have no right to pray
my arcanum is an horrid anointment
no immortalize just undying disappointment

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