-Explosion of the moment-



And with this splithing spread like all bare

I lift my face of red plaque

And I see tissues of my dear fellowes

No, it keeps remaining, like there`s

not the point to do it

What do I say, thry to conceive it?

No, a God spits on you.A god spits all over you

God fucks with trust.We`re all bilth to face the faith,

We`re not bilth to die.

I`ve been looking throu your eyes.And my faith resists.

With dire straits and my faith remening, let`s not skip on day

Thie eill my will oblige?

And there`s no way out.Not the one that I needed.

Just let them what you wont.Let them spit on you.

Let spits on whole lot of you.