-Play Mysterious-

There’s something when I lie
maybe sleeping that convey my
models from untouched opened book
steering above the dark waters
it’s a joking that infringe
and my dead look

While I’m cloaking my secrecy
this mysterious play vacancy
it’s hard to act myself
wrapped in the baited life
it stabs within like taken out knife
calling the truly lament grace

It’s going to start again
affront the doors of the worlds
trine strains supernaturally
steadfast this stoppage to inverse
entering ritual of dweller
upon the threshold of disdain
dimensions vortex makebelieve 
aspiring but still underplay

The last leftovers of rality
have been melted into the 
pulsating mass of horror
the swirl of flame has
taken away the place
reflection of madness
and malicious hollow

It’s going to stop this time
transform the body through the space
the midmost of perspectives
the changed reposes going to scape
fluttering my inner edification
with madmonsters neverending reign
encircling breed this insanity
enshrouded resounding empty name

Keeping up the nooks within
the normal worlds are vanishing
be face of passed disasters
this refulgence is illumination of
utter dark with false intention
incinerated like any house else

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